Planetary Combinations to Become a Successful Businessman!

By: Sonu Sharma

For people it is very difficult to decide that whether they will be successful in job or in business. Lot of people want to do their own business but only few succeed. Those who succeed have suitable planetary combinations in their Kundali to become a businessman. Here are few of the planetary combinations which makes a person a successful businessman –

  1. Auspicious Raj yoga, Dhan Yoga and Panch Mahapurush Yoga should be there in the Janam Kundali to become a successful businessman.
  2. In respect to business, Moon is one of the most Important Planet for Business as moon represents factor of wealth and if moon is strong and auspicious then there is higher possibility that the business will be successful.
  3. Mercury is also a signification of Business, wealth and intelligence. Strong and auspicious mercury is mandatory in the birth-chart to be a successful businessman.
  4. If Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in conjunction in the Kendra then this Yoga will make the person clever and with strong will power and thus the person will run his business successfully.
  5. 11th is the House of Financial Gain or Success and for getting Success in business, it is necessary to have auspicious and strong 11th house and its Lord. When Multiple Planets are placed in 11th house and all the planets are strong, then this combination is very fortunate.
  6. If in the horoscope, the condition of Sun is favourable in moon horoscope, then it doubles the chances of becoming a successful businessman.