Breaking Bad Habits With Feng Shui

Here are some fengshui tips to prop you up and keep you solid as you drop that unfortunate propensity!

  • Sparkle some light in your dull corners at home. Dim corners gather negative behavior patterns. When you amp up the wattage in these dull zones, you shed some light of what was covered up. Generally what is underneath the dimness is all the more free space to think, move and live!
  • Keep a diary as you shed a propensity for two. When you are attempting to change your eating, drinking or significant living propensities a diary is an executioner device to give you a spot to "escape"! Ensure you recognize how well you are getting along with your propensity kicking in that diary; recognizing triumphs is the best approach to fabricate genuine strong additions.
  • Expel propensity triggers from your home. Keeping a dish of sweet out for visitors when you are stopping sugar can set off the "fair can't-battle it"binge.
  • Make the focal point of each room-and the focal point of your floorplan - absolutely perfect and organized. This is the wellbeing zone of the bagua, and it should be steady, strong and perfect. Keeping the focal point of your home clear will strengthen the soundness of the home general.