Importance Of Moon On Business Matters?

Planets give excellent indications of success and failures in the various professions.
The Moon in the tenth house shows success and completion of works undertaken. He will be good to others and will be helpful to the virtuous.
The good results mentioned are to be understood as occurring when the Moon is strong and free from afflictions. As the Moon is a quick moving planet, it indicates many changes in the occupation.
There may be fluctuations in business or frequent travelling is also indicated (particularly when the Moon may be in a movable sign).The Moon is a watery planet. So it may indicate voyages or wealth from travel to some foreign country.
The Moon is a watery planet. The native may deal in corals, pearls, liquids, milk etc. He may earn through agriculture, water, garments, cows, sugar and other articles ruled by the Moon.
The person may be employed in shipping, Navy and water supply departments also. The Moon gives a desire for public life. If the Moon is a strong and a benefic planet he may get fame and happiness.
Flowers, food, corals, Silver, conch, garments, ornaments, females, ghee, oil etc., are ruled by the Moon. When it is connected with Venus, the person may be engaged in perfumes, milk products, scents etc.
The Moon is a feminine planet. It indicates earning through women also. This includes the cinema line where actors have to move with women.
Combination with Mercury also has the same effect. Cooks, nurses Launderers are also ruled by the Moon. The Moon gives softness and adaptability of temperament. It makes one disposed to travel and fond of changes.
When the Moon is a significator of profession and on this the influence of Rahu is present, one may be dealing in poisonous liquids, liquor etc., for Rahu represents poison.