What Do Planets Reveal About Diseases?

The planets have a relation with some or the other part of the body, at the time of transition of planets (favorable and unfavorable) a person may be blessed with good health or may suffer complications in the body that is represented by the respective planets.
Sun- The body parts ruled by sun are the stomach, heart, skin, head, at the time of transition of Sun, the person may suffer some health or specifically bones and joint related problems, other symptoms of the transition may include relapse of previous diseases, high fever.

Moon- The body parts ruled by Moon are lungs, eyes, brain, blood, body fluids, intestine, asthma, lymphatic duct, debilitated Moon tends to cause sleeplessness, blood and brain related problems, poor memory, diabetes, lung disorders.

Saturn- The body parts ruled by Saturn are Legs. Muscles, teeth, skin, hair, knee, ears. Transition in Saturn may cause problems like physical and muscle weakness, organ injury, skin disease, hair fall or related problems, paralysis.

Rahu- The body parts ruled by Rahu are legs, legs, lungs, neck, afflicted Rahu causes diseases that have long term effects on health like Cancer.

Ketu Planet- Ketu is responsible for eye, ear, stomach disorders, physical weakness, brain disorders.