Which Gemstone Is Known As The Stone Of Successful Love?

    Astrological and spiritual properties have become associated with different gemstones-
  • Topaz : It is known as the stone of "love and success in all endeavors". It is believed that Topaz attracts romantic love and teaches how to love.
  • Alexandrite: It is a symbol of love and jealousy at the same time. In its daytime appearance, it corresponds to luck and good fortune and at night, its appearance associated with love. Some believe that an alexandrite in hand can help clarify doubts about love and marriage.
  • Opal : It is known as a stone of love and also brings good fortune to the loved one.
  • Sapphire : It is the gemstone sometimes known as the "gem of new love".
  • Rose quartz : It promotes romantic love as well as self-love and acceptance and is not at all expensive. The best way to use this stone is to place a piece of a rose quartz into the four corners or your room in order to benefit from it and attract love.
  • Pearl: It signifies purity and beauty, compassion, protection, and love. The best way to benefit is to wear natural pearls, not man made, as they do not have any effect on the wearer; however, natural pearls are more expensive than man-made pearls.
  • Moonstone: is known to balance the emotions as well as attract love and affection. It is also inexpensive and helps support a peaceful sleep.