What Is The Significance Of Nodes:-Rahu And Ketu

The planets Rahu and Ketu do not have any physical existence and therefore they are considered as shadow planets. Rahu is the north node, i.e, the point where moon crosses the ecliptic path of the sun in upward direction wheres Ketu is the south node, where moon crosses the path of the sun while going downwards.
These two nodes of the moon indicate a person’s well- being, destiny and fate. Rahu creates obsessions in our life where it sits in the person’s natal chart, it indicates the lessons yet to be learned in life and causes the incarnation of our souls. Rahu takes hold of what it irrespective of the consequences as it is the head of the serpent, Rahu is known to give however with a certain price. Ketu is in contrast to Rahu, Rahu brings us into this world whereas Ketu takes us out. Ketu signifies liberation from worldly pleasures and leads us to Moksha .