Why Ruby Gemstone Is Called The Most Favorite Among Other Stones?

    Ruby (known as Manik in Hindi) a red colored gemstone is a precious stone, also known as the 'King of Gems', with great importance from astrological point of view.

    Read some important reason why Ruby is king of gemstone:

  • Ruby has represented royalty since ever. It has the power to bring dignity, status, prosperity, wealth and also professional success to the one who wears it.
  • For people who are in the top level management, government or administrative jobs; Ruby can help bring recognition and respect.
  • Ruby can be used to strengthen horoscope for people who have a weak positioning of planet Sun in their charts. People who have a strong positioning of Sun in their horoscope have a lavish life and always leave a mark wherever they go.
  • Sun represents 'Father' in Astrology. Wearing a Ruby increases the probability of inheriting a successful legacy, improves your parental bond and is also helpful in maintaining the health of wearer’s father.
  • Medically, Ruby symbolizes the Heart, the Eyes and Bones. It is believed that wearing Ruby benefits eyesight strengthens the bones and helps in controlling Heart problems.