How Long Does It Take A Birthstone To Work?

    Gemstones if wore on the right day and with the right specifications then they start to show their usefulness from the very first day of wearing them. Now it depends upon the type of stone and method of wearing that whether the results will be positive or negative or null.
    There are certain things to be kept in mind before choosing your stone, such as-
  • Correct Recommendation: According to Vedic Astrology, each of the 9 planets have a gemstone for them. As per horoscope some planets are beneficial while others aren’t. It is always advisable to wear gem of your planets only; else it can have negative impact instead of positive. A person should not just wear a gemstone by mere Rashi (Moon Sign), Dasha (Time Period), and other parameters. Consulting a professionally trained Astro-Gemologist is always advisable before wearing a stone. The position of planets in your chart can be used to define which gem can suit you best.
  • Ratti/Weight: Karat is the standard unit and ratti is not. So if you have been buying gems in rattis immediately shift to carats so that there are less chances of being cheated atleast with respect to weight. Also, weight of the gem is not the only factor which determines its relevance and power. Attributes like color, clarity and cut should also be considered.
  • Treatment and Man-Made Gems: All colored stones are not astrological gems. Gems can either be natural or developed manually in labs and they look almost similar but manufactured gems do not have any astrological significance. Nowadays, there is a very widespread malpractice of applying “treatment” to the natural gems to enhance their clarity and looks. This too reduces or nullifies the gem’s power and renders it useless for astrological use. Always go for natural and untreated gems. Certificate from a reputed lab like GIA or GII should help ascertain this.
  • Test and Wear Approach: Before using a stone it is always better to test its suitability, especially in the case of Neelam. It is so dangerous that some of the powerful gems can even harm while testing if it doesn’t suit you. If you are not consulting someone with sound knowledge of gems then this way of hit and trial is suggested. Your horoscope contains all the information required to determine which gems suit you (without any testing). The only thing you need to do is – consult the right astrologer.