Suitability Of “GARNET” For Diseases Related To BLOOD

There are certain health issues that are naturally associated with the Capricorn. Garnet deals with them successfully and helps in preventing or controlling the problems.

Garnet is a red stone; they are thought to be remedies for hemorrhages of all kinds, as well as for inflammatory diseases. Garnets are worn to enhance bodily strength, endurance and vigor. It is said to be extremely useful to wear a garnet when one has to strive. Garnet is also believed to relieve skin conditions and regulate the heart and blood. It was thought to be healing for either gender.

For men, it keeps the reproductive system healthy. For women, it promotes hormonal balance and is said to reduce swelling. Garnet has the power to cure heart palpitations, lung diseases, and various diseases of the blood.

Mythology creates a strong link between the red garnet and blood. It is said that a garnet tones the spleen, promotes health throughout the circulatory system and maintains the rate of hemoglobin in the body. It stimulates metabolism, treats spinal and cellular disorders, purifies and re-energizes the blood, heart and lungs, and regenerates DNA. It also assists the assimilation of minerals and vitamins.