What Is The Reason Behind Temporary Break In Education?

When we are specifically considering the prospect of education, certain special points deserve to be duly noted -- since many of these so-called 'affliction' may not act as a hindering factor at all.

  • Debilitation :
    For education, except for the Moon, debilitation can be ignored altogether. But if Moon is found to be debilitated, then the native may not have good aptitude, or may not be endowed with good proficiency -- particularly during the early age-period (till about standard VIII or so); if other things are favorable, then proficiency might gradually improve up to a considerable extent -- beginning from around the indicated time-period.
  • Combustion :
    For education, combustion of Mercury is totally ignored. A combust Mercury can rather give good proficiency and aptitude for learning things. But the combustion of major planets (Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) deserves to be noted with care -- since it can adversely affect the prospect of having good education; it will be more so if the combust planet becomes the lord of- or situated in- the 4th- or the 5th- or the 2nd- houses. The adverse effect of combustion will be more if the Ascendant is Leo (since the combustion-causing planet -- the Sun -- itself becomes the Ascendant-lord).