What Happens When Mercury Is Placed With The Sight Of Mars In A Person’s Horoscope?

Mercury conjuncting Mars shows that your psyche is anxious and energetic to increase new data.
Your thoughts are creative, and you use them enthusiastically. Be that as it may, you do not have the tolerance to stay concentrated on any one enthusiasm for long. Regardless of what position you take you are sure in your conclusions and extremely resolute about voicing them.
You are factious, and appreciate locking into verbal confrontation with any individual who provokes you. You tend to interfere with other people who are now in discussion, and to excite their enmity by volunteering data before being inquired.
Nothing gets away from your consideration, and you may have caught somebody saying "You may not be right", yet nobody could persuade you regarding that.
You don't prefer to be rejected by somebody you are sincerely keen on, yet you don't harp on it for long. You feel that you can simply discover another person, for you are dynamic and infrequently think back.
In any case, this really makes you commit the same errors over and over; you don't take an ideal opportunity to think about past encounters and gain from them.
Your safeguard is that you are excessively occupied with, making it impossible to worry about insignificant matters.
Your psyche races dangerously fast, and your sensory system endures. Your mindset might be solid and lively, yet your physical casing won't stand the misuse you anticipate that it will take.