What Is The Significance Of “Saturn-The Ruling Planet Of Career?”

    Saturn which is the ruling planet of career begins by assessing your Saturn placement. Saturn shows how or where you can plan, organize, and achieve an objective. It helps one to decide what is best for their career be it decisions about academics in a student’s life or business and job related decision making in the workplace. We can classify the significance of Saturn according to different elements in various zodiacs.
  • Saturn In Fire: Has personal goals or objectives, such as achieving-
    Aries:A clearer sense of Self or Identity Leo: Personal fame or Power Sagittarius: Spiritual Illumination
  • Saturn in Earth: Has material goals or objectives, such as achieving-
    Taurus: Wealth and Possession Virgo: Health and Skill Capricorn: Power and Authority
  • Saturn in Air: Has social or intellectual goals and objectives, such as achieving-
    Gemini: Knowledge or Leadership Libra: Unity or Harmony Aquarius: Freedom or Truth
  • Saturn in Water: Has security goals or objectives, such as achieving-
    Cancer: A sense of Belongingness or Family Scorpio: Fusion or Regeneration Pisces: Universal Compassion and Understanding.