Role Of Spacing And Cleanliness At Home And Office In Career Improvement

A clean work space is important, for your health and your professional image. We often do not give as much importance to the appearance of our workplace as we should. Because appearance doesn’t finish at the business suit you choose or the tie you select; it extends to the appearance of your office and beyond.
We’ve all struggled with maintaining the appearance of our work spaces, especially when schedules are tight and deadlines are brewing. However, neglecting the tidiness and overall attractiveness of our work space can have negative consequences–ones you might not have considered before.
We’ve all had that one co-worker whose work space is always unattractive. This can be papers, files, documents, piles of books, office supplies, dirty coffee cups and food wrappers covering every inch of their desk.
When we enter this co-worker’s office or workspace, we never think about their achievements rather the first thing that comes to our mind is untidiness and their inability to be successful on the job. Maintaining a clean work space is important to the image of your company and its productivity and even to your health.