Astrology Predictions for India in 2018-2019

By: Megha

While Astrology can effectively predict the future for individuals; it reach extends way beyond that. The ancient science of Astrology can be effectively used to predict the future of a country and while we are in the month in which India gained her freedom; many of us are bound to be curious about the future of this country; especially in terms of peace and prosperity, solutions for problems that the country faces and even the upcoming elections all over the country.

It’s fair to say that no matter our political affiliations; we all want the country to thrive and prosper and if you are wondering how far the country will progress in a positive direction in 2018 – 2019; read further to know more.

Economy and Politics

The economy and political stability of the country matter to us all; as when a country prospers; so do its citizens. 2017 was the year for GST and Demonetization and its fair to say that we all felt the pinch. The markets faltered, trade took a backseat while adjusting to taxation under GST laws and the economy looked weak for a while. By mid-2018; we can already see the silver lining to some of these dark clouds however will things get better or worse? Read further to know more.

Independent India's Horoscope

Date of Birth: 15th August 1947 

Birth time: 00:00:00 (Midnight) 

Place of Birth: Delhi, India

Birth Chart 

Here are the predictions we can arrive at based on the birth chart of the country…

  • Taurus finds an ascending position in the country’s birth chart which signifies stability for the country.

  • Rahu also has a prominent place on the charts which signifies some degree of corruption which often leads to financial losses for the nation and its people.

  • Jupiter is due to transit in the 6th house of India’s birth chart so we can expect some good news from Jupiter in 2018-2019.

  • Lord Saturn is in the 8th House which may result in losses in the steel, petroleum, mines, natural gas and coal sectors.

  • In the 3rd house of India’s birth chart; we will find the influences of the moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and the Sun; which could spell trouble in the transportation, communication and heavy industries sectors.

  • In terms of the economy; India is due for some challenging phases; they are as listed below.

  • January-2018
  • 14/02/2018 to 14/03/2018
  • 20/06/2018 to 20/07/2018
  • 31/12/2018 to 29/01/2019 

In terms of politics; we can hope to expect some political stability in 2018-2019. The stars do not indicate any change in government at the centre and the present BJP government is expected to win the upcoming elections and continue to push forward its progressive agenda and policy. As mentioned before; the placement of Rahu indicates that corruption may be a problem however the country is expected to tide over such issues and find better solutions for the eradication of corruption.

In conclusion; these are the economical and political predictions for the future of India in 2018-2019.