Astrology of the Gemini New Moon August 15th, 2018. Holy Goddess Speaking!

By: Preetam

Get ready! This is the time to shine as the approaching new moon here in Gemini will shower you with cosmic stardust and sparkle up your dry diamond heart. So how will the August 2018 Gemini new moon affect your life?

The Gemini New moon is a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event and based on your zodiac sign, it can largely increase your chances of whether or not you can harness its cosmic energy. The celestial event dated to start on 6th August  2018 will help you manifest your heart’s desires and help you to channel your energy positively. The moon will enter 6th August, 1.31 AM in Gemini. 
Gemini is the sign that communicates and makes our feelings known. Gemini exchanges not only information but thoughts, desires, and feelings.

There’s a lot going during this time, so what exactly does it this entire thing mean?

The 3rd of August, 2018 marked a New Moon in the Gemini constellation at 22 degrees. The 22nd Degree mark of constellation Gemini speaks toward understanding the desires in your own life. These feelings may arise from people or situations which are very close to home and now that you can perceive these blocks, you can make the crucial changes to shape your life in a better direction. 

There are some areas in our life which we might have been unaware of and at this moment these areas will be highlighted in order to be addressed. It’s essential to fight in opposition to these injustices as opposed to finding reassurance in imaginary peace in your life will never solve such problems. This New Moon rotation will no doubt bring in changes in the life of the person in a way that is best to identify with these feelings.

This Gemini New Moon occurs once the Sun and Moon are aligned every 28 days. This New Moon occurs in the third decan of Gemini. The third decan of Gemini is ruled by Saturn and the Sun which are two of the most powerful authorities in the constellation. 

So having a New Moon there it would be best to focus on the changes that need to be made in your life. Ultimately there comes a time when we have to address things in our lives and a New Moon in Gemini is a perfect time for that. Stay in tune with your core and really focus on the things that you want and need to do.  There may be some obstacles or roadblocks to attaining what you desire; these are the things that will come up during this New Moon in Gemini, in order for you to change it.

Working with this New Moon provides the individual with an insight into the things that one has to change to become what he truly desires. But understanding what is happening astrologically can explain why these things are unfolding the way that they are.

A new moon is a good time to set new goals so this is an especially good new moon to start a new project. The stars, in particular, give the skills needed to do well in business. The August 2018 new moon is an opportunity to turn things around!