This is what Starbucks drink you are, based on your zodiac sign.

By: Sonu Sharma 

Aries - Aries are very assertive, passionate and loves getting attention. Vanilla Bean Frappuccino perfectly suits their persona.

Taurus – Taureans are chilling in nature and White Chocolate Mocha perfectly showcases their spirit.

Geminis – Geminis are cool, resourceful and have dual personality. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is the ideal cocktail that perfectly suits them as it is both sweet and bold.

Cancer - Cancerians are very simple, they make them comfortable in whatever they do. White Chocolate Mocha is the Starbucks drink which is a perfect fit for sweet and romantic cancerian.

Leo - Leos are very extrovert, confident and attention seekers. Ever-popular and ever-present Nutella Frappuccino is perfect drink which defines the confident Leos.

Virgos - Virgos are very grounded, creative and courageous people. A Glass of Green Tea Crème Frappucino is a perfect fit for the sophisticated and earthy Virgos.

Libra - Librans are very adaptable, lavish, romantic and attractive. A passion tea lemonade with equal mix of sugary sweet and caffeine is ideal for the charming and romantic Librans

Scorpio - Scorpians are very energetic, smooth and passionate. Nothing better than a glass of Hot Chocolate with a very unique appeal would be perfect for the fiery and ambitious Scorpians.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius are very joyful, adventurous, open-minded and simple in nature.  Unicorn Frappuccino perfectly suits their persona.

Capricorn - Capricorns are single-minded, nature lovers and carefree. They are very straightforward and a glass of Americano suits their zodiac.

Aquarius - Aquarians are very innovative, imaginative and full of life. Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher is the ideal drink for the sociable Aquarians.

Pisces - Pisces are very candid, compassionate, and health conscious. A cup of Oprah Chai seems just right for you.