Name:Utpal Datta
DOB: 1929-03-29
Zodiac Sign: Aries
About: Utpal Datta is a National Film Award-winning film critic. He has been associated with Bismoi an entertainment Assamese magazine; Rangghar, a cultural monthly; and Roopkar a cultural monthly. He later joined the All India Radio Guwahati, where his book 24 Frames (2008), an anthology of articles on Indian cinema, was released as a radio program. He is married to Namrata Datta, a writer; they live in Guwahati with their daughter Ragamala
Horoscope of People Born Today
 People born on March 29 are going to stay children at spirit forever but they are also very courageous entrepreneurs and risk takers when it comes to the things they care about. They enjoy spending time in the outdoors and all the activities that involve a lot of people and even a little competition. They are indeed very determined and eager to succeed, especially when they invest a lot of effort or when they are truly passionate about something. They love making plans although they don't always get around putting them in practice.

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